FAQ and Other Info

Getting Your Stats Listed

To get your stats listed, create an account by registering here.

Once you've registered and confirmed your account, visit your profile page by clicking the icon at the top and choosing 'Profile'. From there, add the accounts you wish to list, starting with your primary account. When adding accounts, you MUST enter the username you use to login to the game, otherwise it will be filtered out the next time data is downloaded.

After adding an account, you will automatically be assigned a user to add as a friend in-game. This is displayed in the 'account' column where your accounts are listed. Send an in-game friend request to that user. Once we've accepted, your stats will be listed during the next update.

  • My stats haven't updated in a while, what do I do?

    Leave us a message on the official forum and we will check it out: Shadowgun: Deadzone Forum
  • What is the difference between score and XP?

    Score is your 'raw' score before any bonuses such as premium or your first match bonus. XP is your total experience with all bonuses and winnings.
  • How is accuracy calculated?

    Accuracy is calculated by dividing shots fired by the number of registered 'hits'.
  • Can you add support for another language?

    Yes... but we'd need help to do so. If you'd be interested in translating the site into your language, reach out to us on the SG:DZ forum. If you notice a problem with our current translations, let us know. Shadowgun: Deadzone Forum
  • How does one earn a particular badge?

    • Primary: This is the user's primary account.
    • Accurate: Accuracy over 12%
    • Meat Shield: A KDR less than 1.4